Doris & Tian Hao Wedding Celebration

“After seeing your majestic landscape shots of New Zealand as well as the coverage of local wedding there, I’ve made up my mind to engage you as my photographer even before any vivid plan of wedding ceremony arrangement, during our presentation many months back.”

That’s the reply Tian Hao gave me when I congratulated him after knowing that he will be engaging me as his wedding photographer. And yes, we became closer after sharing some travel stories (and photos, definitely) together to a group of frequent travellers here.

Nevertheless, Doris is really a pretty bride and she knows how to pose perfectly in front of camera even though she is not a fan of selfie or to be featured in own travel photos. And of course Tian Hao is a good partner of his wife’s pose.

A wedding shot quite sometimes ago last year, and finally have time to share with all. May Tian Hao and Doris have a blissful wedding, cheers!