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Jeanne & Delvin Actual Day

The big day of this bubbly couple was on 26-June-2011. The gate crashing was hilarious, an example being the warriors of the day dressed up in napkins and pampers (or maybe huggies). The best men and groom had to complete several tasks, each at different levels of the HDB.. kudos to the creativity of the...

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Gina & Ji Zhong Wedding Dinner

The dinner was held in ParkRoyal Hotel on Beach Road, 18-June-2011. Gina & Ji Zhong are a very lively couple, with a big group of fun loving “brothers and sisters” behind them. Everyone was very involved during the yum seng session, and actually sent the session into extra time Among the group of friends, there...

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Gina & Ji Zhong Solemnization

Easily one of the funniest and daring gate crashing session at open area! But kudos to Ji Zhong and gang of brothers who showed no fear in handling fellow sisters hilarious requests. Also, the first solemnization done in couple’s house. It’s enjoyable to witness the living room turning into a “hall” with proper deco and...

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