Sharing from recent disappointed wedding album that fails and goes viral

I am pretty sure that you have heard of or seen the recent disappointed actual day wedding photo album posted by the bride herself. If you haven’t seen the album, do visit this link

Or simply google “jaclyn ying wedding photo” which will point you to numerous international coverage of this album that went viral.

I will not discuss about the importance of engaging a capable (whose style suits your taste) wedding photographer here; but to mention about 2 photos (fresh downloaded from the particular Facebook album) that appeared blueish in the album :

These two blue Avatar-ish photos were actually taken with Infrared camera, which is able to turn the foliage into “whitish” color, simulating a fall/winter scene. Sorry, provided that the photographer knows how to post-process it.

A good InfraRed photo should produce a vibrant blue sky with light-color foliage, which is how we have delighted our couples with such works over these years:

*Some other InfraRed photos can be also found here -

Besides investing in different set of gears, you will need to understand the principle behind the infrared spectrum and most importantly, be able to transform the output to the proper colored version (which might take us hours to come out with one photo sometimes).

So to speak, it’s very easy to give out Infrared photos to couple when you “just” need to get a infrared capable camera or lens filter. But to make sure that it does not look like you are shooting in an Avatar world; but to have some real world color elements, then it will take much more efforts.

And you will also need to read the scene to make sure that your capture provides a good platform for you to start editing. In this case, I was trying to edit the jpg version of the photo from the Facebook album and this is one of the version that I can accept:

Technical talk: Pardon me for the difference (from what we usually deliver), since the “original” photo has no texture on sky for manipulation, as well as the different custom white balance setup.

Anyway, this post is just to share some knowledge around – When you see some monotone-ish photo (can be blue or magenta) with light foliage/tree leaves, the photo is likely to be taken by an infrared setup. And usually you will see some weird skin tone if there is human factor inside the photo unless the photographer knows how to handle it.

That’s it…

Oh, last important point / tip to couple: Do engage an actual day wedding photographer who you get to see in person and communicate, instead of getting one from a bundle package who you have no idea who the photographer is.

* You may extend your read on how we manipulate the different lights to create different feels in our photos:

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